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Everyone needs to stop what they're doing and immediately start watching this show.  It's probably one of the best kept tv secrets of, well, forever.  It's a quirky show about a 1890's detective in Toronto, so yeah, police who-done-it kind of thing.  The Murdoch character reminds me of Benton Frazer from Due South, I mean like alot!  And there's the beautiful ME who is his love interest.  He has a goofy side-kick and loud boss.  All that is good and provides some comedy and angst.  What I love about the show, besides the actor Yannick Bisson (and just where have they been hiding him!  What incredible eyes, whooo baby!!) is they poke lots of fun at the here and now and tackle lots of hot topic issues we wrestle with today.  Seriously folks, run out and get this show any way you can.  Which leads to a bitch about Netflix.

Netflix, WTF (in caps mind you!!) are you doing with your streaming service?  You dangle a multi-season show in front of us with only two seasons and then make us go snail-mail and get the dvds?  Why bother?  I know, I know.  You want the revenue from both services.  But just let me say here and now, that SUCKS!  So there.

Anyway, go watch the show.  You won't be sorry. 


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