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I play many MMOs.  And yeah, they've all been WoW clones of one type or another.  So when new "sandbox" type games have been announced, I've jumped on whatever info I can get.  I'm so ready for a change.  Like, I'm totally sick of the cold and snow and see a glimmer of hope for spring.  If only I can wait that long.  Yeah, an analogy many can get with all that white shit on the ground.

Anyway, haunting the forums is bad for one's blood pressure.  I know, not new news but I just can't seem to help myself.  Some of the folks who post on these things are beyond rude and ignorant.  Its so very alarming to think there are people out there in the world who really get off on being assholes to others looking for information.  And then there's the issue of whether or not to add pvp and how it might be implemented.  Actually, I sort of love those debates.  They're always the same no matter what game is being discussed.  hee he  Long live the terms "ganker" and "carebare".  Still, all these games need one dedicated server for those of the pvp persuasion to just duke it out no matter what the day, issue or direction the wind is blowing, and let the rest of the world go on about their merry way.

So yeah, must stay off forums...


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