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Ok, so going on day three with no power.  Lost it 5pm on Tuesday.  Man what a storm.  The rain was blowing sideways and I couldn't see beyond the edge of the balcony.  Wednesday morning commute was a huge pain.  There were trees down everywhere and all the detours had detours.  Traffic lights were out at all the major intersections and there was only one Wawa open!  Which really was the worst part of the whole ordeal.

At work, we have one side of the office with full power and the other at half (brown out).  So we can run a fan or light but not enough juice to turn on the computer or printer.  Very strange.

Anyway, last night, still no power, ETA from Peco was 11pm but yeah right.  I drove up the Northbound lane of RT1 and counted 17 trees down (with the power lines beneath them) in about a half mile stretch.  11pm my arse.  So had my Wawa sandwich and bottled water for dinner and worked on a pair of socks until it got too dark to see.  What the flock are we supposed to do in the dark at 8:30 at night?

That brings us to today.  Sister got power late last night and has offered a spare bed and hot shower if needed.  Hell yeah its needed!   If no power when I get home tonight, I'm taking her up on the offer. 

Date: 2015-06-25 09:43 pm (UTC)
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UGH hope it comes back soon!

Date: 2015-06-26 11:52 am (UTC)
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Still no power as of this morning. They're saying 6pm tonight, but I have a sneaky feeling we won't see any until this weekend or even next week. The damage is just so extensive. On my way home last night, that stretch of road (southbound) was packed with power repair trucks. There were cars that got hit with trees, some with smashed widows that had been left when the trees blocked the road. I've never seen so many work crews jammed into such a short stretch of road.

Anyway, I finally opened up the fridge and everything in there was warm to the touch. So tossed the milk, cheese and open items. Will clean it out complete when we get power back so I can see what I'm doing. Then I bugged out and spent the night with my sister.


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