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First off, why not just call it Terminator, The Love Story. Or Terminator, Young Resistance Fighters In Love. What's with this kinder and gentler "oh we can't fall in love 'cause you'll die" crap. Give me back the theater shaking booming explosions and seat of your pants chase scenes. And giant droids! And quit trying to make Aaahnald do comedy. Once or twice in a movie is ok, but not every scene.

I understand wanting to introduce, or continue (in a new and fresh timeline) The Terminator to a new generation, or whatever the frakk group of people they were targeting but OMG! Enough already. This is the third movie that I've seen that's tried to spiff itself up to present to possible new fans. Look what they did with Jack Ryan, Shadow Recruit and that last Die Hard movie (also Jai Courtney but I don't hold that against him) and others but can't think of them at this point. This is my concern with the upcoming Star Wars movie. For some reason, those who are making movies now a-days think we need shiny, flashy retelling in a fluffy-bunny, hand-sanitized format. When I go see Terminator, I expect some blood and guts and theater shaking explosions! Dammit!! Just tell the story and make it interesting. A good story will make those new folks want to go back and see what they missed out on with the first movies. Sheese!

Anyway, lets move on to the nudity. Its been established in 3 of the other 4 movies and the TV series that when ya time travel, you do it sans clothes. Aaahnald explains it in movie-pseudo-science-ese and you know what? Why! (This is an ask/tell) Its a given. Why make it this big dramatic thing? Are we a bunch of giggling kiddies, OMG I saw your BUTT! Which takes me on to Jai Courtney. I actually like him, he doesn't make me cringe when delivering his lines and I'll willing pay money to see his movies over say Tom Cruise who I'll wait for on DVD. And he got a really raw deal in Spartacus. But, perhaps he has fallen off his Spartacus diet/exercise routine. I know, I know, pot, kettle and all, I'm just sayin'.


And now, the plot, sort of a continuation from paragraph 2. What the frakk were they thinking with this drivel? I hope they gave credit to whatever fanfic writer they stole this story from. It's all right there. The sappy love story and the John Conner is really the bad guy and not much else. Yes, yes, time travel can fix all that with a decent script next time around, but why didn't they bring Marcus Wright back? Now his character got a really raw deal, and could use a much needed fix-it IMO. (Thank The Maker for fanfic!) I usually don't have high expectations when I see these movies. I'm usually pleasantly surprised but not this time.

Next up, Magic Mike XXL. Hopefully they won't ruin that with too much, you know, plot.

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