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Birthdate:Apr 18
Just for the record and because I feel it's important that everyone knows up front, I LIKED Riley Finn before they made him all strung out and clingy. I'm also a grandmother who plays video games and can't understand why that shocks people. I'm also a big fan of knitting and watching DVDs. Or playing WoW and watching DVDs. Laptops are the best thing ever.

Several years ago, I followed some of my favorite yaoi writers to this strange and unfamiliar thing called LiveJournal. Through it, I have discovered all kinds of things from new knitting patterns to yummy crock pot receipes to gaming info and all kinds of fanfic. Good stuff all around.

I really don't post very often. And I certainly can't write! But I will rant about work here. Or post bits of family life, usually birth announcements nothing too personal or heavy. I'll also give my various and few opinions/comments on games I'm playing.

So, welcome to my little journal.

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