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So, I finished watching Death Note last night and have been so blown away by the entire series that nothing else I tried to watch was holding my attention.  When all else fails, On Demand to the rescue, right?  They had a show about Krakatoa and how devastating that explosion was.  And how it will happen again.  I know, I know, right after Yellowstone goes up but still.  Very, very sobering.  The biggie with that volcano is that the series of eruptions in 1883 wasn't even the biggest.  I mean, this thing blew 1/3 of the island apart into three pieces.  Not to mention the tsunamis and the fact that the explosion was heard 3000 miles away.  They went on to give scientific evidence that a much larger eruption happened way back in 535 BC.  And then they went on to explain the gloom and doom that will happen when the volcano goes up again. 

Then I watched the show about Hannibal crossing the Alps with his elephants and what a brilliant tactician he was.  Along with being extremely brutal.  Nothing like a little light viewing before bed, right?
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Well,here I am at work, early since this is audit week, and there is no connectivity of any sort to be had. I can' get on the internet and I can't log on to the system at all. This wee post is brought to you via my brand new Droid. I just love new toys. Anyway, today will be the day the auditors want mountains of invoices and I have no way to look anything up because the whole system is down. What I want to know is who planned this clusterfuck in the first place. The maintance not the audit.

Anyway, since I have nothing I can do I thought I'd share my thoughts on some of the things I've been watching this summer. Always riveting I know.

Somehow I've gotten back into anime. I blame Daughter-Type because she wanted to take my Rurouni Kenshin and YYH dvds and there is no way I'm ever parting with those. So I started watching RK progressed through to Inu Yasha. Thank God for Netflix. Let me just say for anyone on the fence about anime, give Death Note a try. Yes yes, you have to just accept the shinigami aspect but the story is so gripping and tense and down right creepy at times. Good stuff.

I also watched Sword of a Stranger which is an OVA not a serirs that I know of. Its your ronin ex-samurai who swears never to kill again story who meets someone in need of protection along the way but there's no giggling girls and no outrageous magic. I liked it.

I'm also working my way through D. Gray Man but it's a little harder to take as it has a bit more of the giggling stuff that I'm not so crazy about.

So that's it. Still no connectivity and my thumbs are tire of typing.


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