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Well,here I am at work, early since this is audit week, and there is no connectivity of any sort to be had. I can' get on the internet and I can't log on to the system at all. This wee post is brought to you via my brand new Droid. I just love new toys. Anyway, today will be the day the auditors want mountains of invoices and I have no way to look anything up because the whole system is down. What I want to know is who planned this clusterfuck in the first place. The maintance not the audit.

Anyway, since I have nothing I can do I thought I'd share my thoughts on some of the things I've been watching this summer. Always riveting I know.

Somehow I've gotten back into anime. I blame Daughter-Type because she wanted to take my Rurouni Kenshin and YYH dvds and there is no way I'm ever parting with those. So I started watching RK progressed through to Inu Yasha. Thank God for Netflix. Let me just say for anyone on the fence about anime, give Death Note a try. Yes yes, you have to just accept the shinigami aspect but the story is so gripping and tense and down right creepy at times. Good stuff.

I also watched Sword of a Stranger which is an OVA not a serirs that I know of. Its your ronin ex-samurai who swears never to kill again story who meets someone in need of protection along the way but there's no giggling girls and no outrageous magic. I liked it.

I'm also working my way through D. Gray Man but it's a little harder to take as it has a bit more of the giggling stuff that I'm not so crazy about.

So that's it. Still no connectivity and my thumbs are tire of typing.
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Once again I've survived the annual audit.  Praise the lord and pass the peas.  They actually left half a day early, but who's counting?  They did take off with some of my original paperwork, which should be interesting to see if I can get it back.  Ugh.

On the knitting front, I'm making this.  Yes, it has charts.  Yes, it's supposed to be easy, even for those of us who are chart impaired.  It's pretty, and soft, and I'm really liking the picture alot but for the life of me, those damn charts are getting me down again.  For some reason, my brain keeps reading the chart from right to left.  Every row.  I've even drawn little arrows on the charts to remind me which direction I need to read the thing from, but the old brain only has one gear, right to left.  Then, to make matters worse, just when I got a rhythm going,  I had to switch to the next chart and they reversed the numbers on me.  Even on left instead of right and that means more left to right, not right to left.  There should be some magic chart reader out there that you can scan the stupid charts into and it will print out written instructions.  I'd buy it.

Movies - Saw Inglorious Bastards with my father over the weekend.  I figured it could be something we could do together since my step-mother passed last month.  They went almost every weekend and I usually go too.  Seemed like a good idea at the time.  What a mess.  The movie stunk and was so very strange in addition to being violent and bloody in the extreme.  And I think I have a fairly high tolerance for that kind of thing.  And Brad Pitt only had like four scenes anyway.  My father jumped up the second the credits started to roll and was out the door.  I had to wait for the herd to pass before I could follow him.  Guess I know what HE thought of the movie.  It reminded me of when he took me and a girlfriend to see the Dark Shadows movie waaaaay back when.  They showed it at the drive in with two other vampire kind of movies and, being the good daddy he is, he took us and sat through all three shows.  Poor man.  I guess he knows his daughter has sucky taste in movies no matter what her age.  (No pun on the sucky thing intended)

Torchwood - I'm loving this show.  Can't figure out why I didn't like it so much the first time I got it from Netflix.  Must have been in a strange mood, cause it so deserves all the great things everyone is saying about it.  Guess it's one of those right to left kind of things.
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Cut for audit QQ )
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No tears or blood was shed.

We're off to a good start!

And speaking of blood, I just had the blood test from hell!  The lady had to stick me four times.

Only me, right?

Audit time

Aug. 18th, 2008 09:24 am
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Think Crying Time written by Buck Owens and made a hit by Ray Charles 

Well it's audit time again, I wanna run away, dear
You can see that dazed and crazed look in my eyes
You can tell by the way I twitch and moan, yeah
That I'm stuck, yeah, in that rut, it's audit time 

Thank God I have a day job!
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How pathetic is it when the high point of my day is having the yarn delivered to make these designed by the Yarn Harlot? Then again, they are terribly cute and both my daughter-in-law and daughter *gasp!* asked me to make them a pair. Black for daughter-type of course. Also let me say I couldn't have been more impressed with the shipping time for this yarn. I ordered on Monday, Sept 3, which was a US holiday might I add, and the box was on my door step Thursday, Sept 6. I ordered from Royal Yarn. The price was so-so.

The car-cover, flag afghan only has 10 more rows and then I get to start crocheting all those stars. I have a feeling due to the hugeness involved, that I could probably fit all 50 on there instead of 32 called for in the pattern. This thing is a monster. But warm, so very, very warm.

The audit is well and truly over.  No blood was shed and no tears wept.  That has to be a first in recent history.  And as usual after the event, I wonder why I let it get to me every stinking year.  Mine is not to reason why, yadda yadda.

I watched Firefly and Serenity again over the long weekend.  What a great show.  So now I'm reading all the fic out there that sort of fills in the gaps and/or continues the story.  If anybody has any good recs, please let me know.


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