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where I had possessed the body of a Shakespearean actress.  The troupe was already out on stage doing their thing and, poof, there I was, in costume and ready to go.  They all didn't think anything about it, and I just knew whatever lines would come to me as soon as I got out there.  I mean, they had to, right?  How could I go on stage and not know my lines?  The whole thing felt like an alternate universe, except in reverse.  Everybody else was in their right place, only I was out of sync.  It reminded me of the Buffy episode where Cordelia wishes Buffy was never there and Zander and Willow were vamps.  I loved that one, hee he.  Might have to watch it tonight.
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...Or don't have a meatloaf sandwich and glass of chocolate soy milk and watch Dexter before going to bed!

Last night's dream was a classic as far as "strange and unexplained" go. It featured, my two oldest grandchildren, Yuri the billionaire ex-boxer from the movie 2012, J.J. Abrams and posters of Karl Urban. That's it. I can't tell how everyone interacted, it was one of those dreams you don't remember fully. It does rate right up there with my "spaghetti" dream in which dinner became alive and cocooned "us" alive. Yeah. My only defense on that one was I was pregnant at the time, so who knows what I ate before bed time.

Yes this confirms to anyone who may have wondered, I AM a wacko. But in a good, harmless sort of way.


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