Nov. 12th, 2014 07:22 am
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So, I haven't posted anything in months.  I guess I'm like many others here in LJ land and just don't seem to use the site as much as I used to.

Anyhoo, I just finished watching season 8 of Supernatural.  I don't know why I waited so long, I mean, there it sat on my shelf collecting dust for a year (or so).  I loved the whole season.  It has to be my favorite of all, including season 1.  I love Benny.  He was hot and he and Dean could easily be my OTP for all time.  Why do I fall for these rare pairings?  Anyway, I liked the season.  Now to try to get into Season 9, which I'm watching on Netflix since I didn't order from Amazon.  Must consider doing so.  Maybe next year when it's on sale.
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So, I'm moving soon.  In like ten days.  Everything loose has been boxed up and I'm just waiting.  I hate waiting.  My "entertainment center" has been disassembled and I have no cable tv at the moment.  Which is ok really as I am usually on the computer at home or watching a dvd.  But with the recent blizzard (not! damn ground hog anyway) I was in the mood to just be locked in the house with nothing to do other than watch movies.  Which is a problem because everything is in boxes.  So I rummaged through whatever was on top and came up with Terminator, the Sara Conner Chronicles.  Then today I thought, gee what else is Brian Austin Green in and found this ChromeSkull:  Laid to Rest 2 What did they do.  End Sara Conner and take the whole cast and plunk them down in these movies?  Between the first in the series and this one, just about the whole cast is accounted for.

Anyway, I don't like slasher movies.  But then, I don't like monster movies either but I found Doom when I followed Karl Urban's movies, so keeping an open mind might be a good thing.  Then again, I might never sleep without a night light again.  Oh man.
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Everyone needs to stop what they're doing and immediately start watching this show.  It's probably one of the best kept tv secrets of, well, forever.  It's a quirky show about a 1890's detective in Toronto, so yeah, police who-done-it kind of thing.  The Murdoch character reminds me of Benton Frazer from Due South, I mean like alot!  And there's the beautiful ME who is his love interest.  He has a goofy side-kick and loud boss.  All that is good and provides some comedy and angst.  What I love about the show, besides the actor Yannick Bisson (and just where have they been hiding him!  What incredible eyes, whooo baby!!) is they poke lots of fun at the here and now and tackle lots of hot topic issues we wrestle with today.  Seriously folks, run out and get this show any way you can.  Which leads to a bitch about Netflix.

Netflix, WTF (in caps mind you!!) are you doing with your streaming service?  You dangle a multi-season show in front of us with only two seasons and then make us go snail-mail and get the dvds?  Why bother?  I know, I know.  You want the revenue from both services.  But just let me say here and now, that SUCKS!  So there.

Anyway, go watch the show.  You won't be sorry. 
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My Season 7 dvds came in the mail yesterday.  I usually don't like beards, but Thomas Gibson is HOT!! with a beard.  OMFG!!!

That's all, please return to your regular activities now.
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Does anyone on my flist watch this show?  I tried it out last weekend through Netflix and just LOVE it!  Now I'm on the hunt for fanfic.  Why do I always seem to fall in love with shows that don't have fic out there that magically appears before my googling eyes?  So any recs for fic or communities would be greatly appreciated.
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I've been watching the show Las Vegas via Netflix. 

Jean-Claude Van Damme (a serious guilty pleasure of mine) is in one of the episodes from the first season, Die Fast, Die Furious as himself.  They kill him off in the episode but then, at the end when they roll the credits, the first little blurb is "No Jean-Claude Van Dammes were injured or killed while making this show". 

Too funny, in a silly me sort of way.

Woo hoo

Jan. 26th, 2010 01:54 pm
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Look what's coming to dvd!!


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I watched Blood Ties over the weekend.  Nothing like a cold, rainy couple of days to get caught up on some stray dvds hanging around, right? 

This show has to be one of the best kept secrets of tv series in the last few years.  I loved that show, but WTF!!  Where's the ending ?  And where's all the fanfic this had to have generated?  Why do I fall in love with doomed tv shows?  Look at Terminator:  The Sarah Conner Chronicles, perfect example.  It's probably a good thing for the producers that I usually watch after the fact.  If I was watching in real time and really loved a show, that would be the kiss of death for sure.  Poor Supernatural.

Ok, back to work now.
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I wanna pony!  Not to be confused with the hog I wanted two years ago.  That would have been a public safety issue and just plain irresponsible of me.  Reality has left me with a dog, though.  But the pony...Ah yes.  That I could do.  And I've realized lately, that I'm not getting any younger, and these things I've always wanted?  Well, they aren't just gonna fall out of the sky for me.  I'm gonna have to make them happen on my own.  My new life philosophy is ME ME ME!!

Whew, I'm glad that's out of my systems.

Anyway, thoughts on some of the shows I've been watching.  And keep in mind, whoever might stumble upon my random musings, that the only show I watch "in real time" is Supernatural.  Everything else is viewed via Netflix, and usually several months/years later.

Here there be spoilers )
And that's my two cents worth on a few hot topics.
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Once again I've survived the annual audit.  Praise the lord and pass the peas.  They actually left half a day early, but who's counting?  They did take off with some of my original paperwork, which should be interesting to see if I can get it back.  Ugh.

On the knitting front, I'm making this.  Yes, it has charts.  Yes, it's supposed to be easy, even for those of us who are chart impaired.  It's pretty, and soft, and I'm really liking the picture alot but for the life of me, those damn charts are getting me down again.  For some reason, my brain keeps reading the chart from right to left.  Every row.  I've even drawn little arrows on the charts to remind me which direction I need to read the thing from, but the old brain only has one gear, right to left.  Then, to make matters worse, just when I got a rhythm going,  I had to switch to the next chart and they reversed the numbers on me.  Even on left instead of right and that means more left to right, not right to left.  There should be some magic chart reader out there that you can scan the stupid charts into and it will print out written instructions.  I'd buy it.

Movies - Saw Inglorious Bastards with my father over the weekend.  I figured it could be something we could do together since my step-mother passed last month.  They went almost every weekend and I usually go too.  Seemed like a good idea at the time.  What a mess.  The movie stunk and was so very strange in addition to being violent and bloody in the extreme.  And I think I have a fairly high tolerance for that kind of thing.  And Brad Pitt only had like four scenes anyway.  My father jumped up the second the credits started to roll and was out the door.  I had to wait for the herd to pass before I could follow him.  Guess I know what HE thought of the movie.  It reminded me of when he took me and a girlfriend to see the Dark Shadows movie waaaaay back when.  They showed it at the drive in with two other vampire kind of movies and, being the good daddy he is, he took us and sat through all three shows.  Poor man.  I guess he knows his daughter has sucky taste in movies no matter what her age.  (No pun on the sucky thing intended)

Torchwood - I'm loving this show.  Can't figure out why I didn't like it so much the first time I got it from Netflix.  Must have been in a strange mood, cause it so deserves all the great things everyone is saying about it.  Guess it's one of those right to left kind of things.
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Just some random thoughts I have roaming mindlessly at the moment.

Charlie (David Krumholtz) looked mighty fine on the season 4 opener of Numb3rs.  I mean like drool worthy fine.  No question now as to if I'm gonna buy that season of dvds as well.  Yum yum yum.

Why the did CBS put the season opener of Criminal Minds on their website to watch in it's entirety but no other episodes.  WTF is their problem.  I'm a growin' gal and need my beauty rest at night so I rely on these things. 

I can't believe I held out against watching Supernatural until last summer.  Oh the angst and pretty boys and SCARY stuff that makes me jump and scare the dogs when I watch it after dark.  Yay to their network cause they post the episodes so I can watch whenever I want.

Ditto with Bones.  Without the jumping and dog scaring though.

Wasn't so thrilled with Kolchak The Night Stalker.  Fell asleep at the begining of episode 2.  I tried though, in the spirit of openmindedness and all.

On the knitting front I have to say I don't much care for knitting patterned socks.  I'm finding it hard to keep track of the goofy chart and follow the plot on tv.  No, I don't want to do one or the other.  I'll just stick to selfpatterning yarn.  Wimp that I am.

I havn't knitted anyone anything for Christmas this year.  Hope no one's expecting it.  The only person who has ever worn anything I've knitted has been the babies in the family and my father.  Hmmm, not sure what that means.

Still don't have a level 70 WoW toon.  Oh the pressure!  Argh!!!

I love John Sheppard.  Just watched Miller's Crossing and have to say this episode showed us a rather ruthless side to him that I didn't think existed.  But then there's that Larrin character floating in and out of his life.  Maybe the Wraith will get her.

Started watching MI5.  Am very pleased and surprised so far.  But then I go for all the spy thriller type shows/books/movies anyway.  Good stuff.

Ok, breaks over and time to get back to work.  Blah!


May. 12th, 2008 08:06 am
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Woo hoo!!  Look what's coming out on dvd FINALLY!

Mar. 13th, 2008 12:44 pm
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Sometimes the internet is a bad, bad thing when you're trying to save money.


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Look what's FINALLY available on dvd!!

*bounces with glee*

Just stuff

Dec. 6th, 2007 06:53 am
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I've been watching Dexter. I'm a very sick pup for sure and quite possibly going straight to That Special Hell (for other reasons), but I really like it. Its just so dark and rather sarcastic at times. And he should be taking his shirt off more often IMHO. I might have to actually buy the series. Ugh, need more room on the dvd shelves.

I've also been watching NCIS. I bought the first season a few years ago along with one of the CSI series which I didn't like. Wound up giving that one away to a friend at work but never got around to doing anything with NCIS. Then a few weeks ago, I dusted it off and thought, I should either watch this and give it a chance or get rid of it as well. Oh man, what I'd been missing. I've even watched the current episodes airing, that's how much I like it. Except this past week when Rudolph bumped it back an hour. Damn Christmas specials.

Have to say at this point that I don't care much for Director Jen. She just has that deer in the headlights look to me no matter what lines are coming out of her mouth. Not strong enough to play with Gibbs and I can't see her as any kind of an operative, let alone the director for the agency. I'm also finding myself drawn to Gibbs/Abby as far as fic goes. Which is really strange considering my decidedly slashy tendencies.

As for That Special Hell...I'm really, really going there. I've crossed over one of the last lines I swore I'd never even get near. I've read a few Charlie/Don fics from the Numb3rs fandom and have liked them. Alot. Print out on paper alot, which probably says more for the authors since I tend to find a few I like and read everything they produce. And I've given thought to why this paring over the Winchester. Must be they are somewhat older, in their 30's as opposed to the Winchesters still in their 20's which is the age of my kids right now. I'm a sicky, just shoot me.

Finally, on the knitting front, nothing I have made for Christmas for anyone has turned out right. Everything is too small. This isn't too much of an issue for the grandbabies since there will be a smaller one in the ranks who can wear it eventually. The main issue is what the hell was I thinking when I cast on in the first place? In my own defense, maybe I just didn't want anyone growing up too fast and therefore knit to my own frozen-in-time happy memory size. Ugh, no Christmas sweaters from Nanna. WTF!
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Please someone, talk me out of buying these dvds. I know its a comfort thing I do when I'm under stress. Right now its taking the form of obsession and the object of that obsession is S&H. And watching through netflix just isn't cutting it. Too damn slow. My god. Those two really are the embodiment of all things slash. Woof! I hear amazon calling my name.

Just stuff

Aug. 27th, 2007 10:41 am
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There have been a few folks who've inspired me to get off my fat ass and loose some of the weight I've gained back. To that end, I went back, again, again, to Weight Watchers last Thursday night. They have that points thing going on there which I compared to the plan that I actually lost 65 pounds with. If I follow WW, I'll be eating like 1300 calories a day. I'm 5'7". I'll die! Or maybe just be really, really hungry all the time. So, WW for the group support and 1600 calories a day which I know works for me. The weekend was fairly good. I came out about 1 pound lighter than I went in with. Considering that I usually gain 3 or 4 over the weekend, that's a good thing. And those Weight Watchers frozen chocolate mousse fudge bars are extremely good. Who knew?

Thoughts on House S3. I didn't like the Tritter arc. It just made me mad and anxious and I get enough of that in real life. However, the kiss was pretty hot. Hope there's more of that, but with only 1 disc left, I doubt it.

Thoughts on "The Afghan From Hell". It will make a great car cover.

Thoughts on Starsky and Hutch first four episodes. OH MY GOD! Did we think the music was cool back then? Was the ENTIRE generation on drugs? But of course, it has that disco beat going on, so I'm thinking I hated it just as much then and now.

Finally, the audit is OVER!! Woo hoo, yippee, praise The Lord. Peace and quiet for the next 11 1/2 months.
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KNITTING - Never start to knit something with multiple strands of yarn unless you are absolutely certain you will not need to rip it out.  It's never as much fun ripping out 5 strands as it is working it up in the long run.

WILD HOGS - Funny, so very funny.  And no other redeeming qualities at all.  Although, I was happy to see Ray Liotta had lost some weight.  I still like him and his maniacal laugh.

MACGYVER - I never knew the reason Dana Elcar wasn't in the show as much towards the end was that he actually had glaucoma.  Very sobering.  As many of the the episodes were.

TOUR of DUTY - How in the world could I have missed watching this show when it was aired?  This thing is just so everything I like in a tv series.  Well, seasons 1 and 3.  Didn't care much for 2, but as with most of Stargate season 6, I'll just pretend it didn't happen. 

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is so totally addictive. I add one movie/show only to find another I MUST add and on it goes. I probably have shows schedule out on my list to the end of time. My GOD, the pressue to watch all those dvd's. Its so overwhelming. EEP!

Ok, minor "rant" over.


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