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Daughter-Type called me at work today to ask for help with her Psych 101 homework.  She needed to list several memorable things that had occurred (current event stuff) during her ages 1 - 12.  My immediate reaction was, how do I know what you remember? but then the brain cells kicked in and I started to recall things that happened during that time that were memorable to me that she might remember.  This started me thinking about what was big news when I was that age and I came up with this list.  Mind you, I have the whole '60s decade to pull from, so it's almost like cheating.

The Cuban Missile Crisis
Two Kennedys were assassinated
Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated
Apollo 1 disaster
Apollo moon landing
The Civil Rights Movement
Womens' Rights Movement
Kent State Massacre
James Bond hit the screen
The Beatles broke up

There was lots of unpleasantness in the world at that time.
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I just finished reading Tom Clancy's Dead or Alive.  Has anyone else read it?

Cut for bookish spoilers )

My gaming life is, well, I'm not sure I can describe it.  I've gotten 3 toons up to level 85, one of which has finished her Cataclysm loremaster achievement, but now I feel like, what's next?  I don't raid and I've never done much as far as grouping due to much trauma early in my WoW career.  Their tradeskills are maxed out so I don't feel much urge to log on the game except when the guild is on.  It's my daughter's guild and we boast a whopping six members.  We only really are able to group on Saturday or Sunday afternoons and then I'm playing a warlock alt I made just so the guild would have one of each class.

Anyway, so Rift has a new patch, which I've not downloaded yet.  I'm thinking of taking advantage of the free server transfers and getting one of my three mains off Wolfsbane and on to a lower population server.  Except...I downloaded Everquest II, the free version, and have been playing that instead.  Even though I had to pay for the race/class I wanted.  Greedy bastards.  I really liked playing it last year until my WoW got hacked and Daughter-Type got the guild going.

Finally, my father, who is 80, is moving out of the house we lived in since 1966.  Talk about your traumatic experiences.  I have mixed feelings about the move.  There are just so many memories tied up in the place, both good and bad.  He's buried two wives living in that house, one just two years ago in July.  He has to be feeling conflicted as well.  My sister has been there every weekend to help.  But he is NOT listening to her.  She schlepps boxes, old half full paint cans and other toxic waste and minds the burn barrel in addition to general cleaning and the like, but whenever she ventures an opinion he shuts her out.  To me, this isn't new behavior, but he and I have a different relationship and always have had.

Anyway, he finally closed on a condo nearby and he is going to settlement on his house mid-July.  However, he doesn't want to part with the eight dining room chairs, both leaves for the dinning room table or any of the filing cabinets (six) to fit into his new, two bedroom place.  I have visions of the movers stacking up in the hallway outside the place with all that huge furniture going, "Where ya wannit buddy?" and not being able to get in the door.

Finally, our prima donna sales manager here at work has allegedly resigned.  The rumor mill has it that one of his prima donna sales team has caused him to have to do extra work, since he did not enforce proper returns policy with said sales dweeb, fondly dumbed King Baby.  So today, Sales Manager is absent, although the rumor mill does not believe it's a permanent thing, just a temper tantrum of some sort.  This place is just a laugh a minute, that's for sure.  One of these days, when I grow up, I'll have a real job at a real company, with a Ranger and Morellie dilemma like Stephanie's.  Oh well, dream on, right?

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In the last month or two, we’ve had a few days where’s it’s just poured rain. Not the gentle, annoying do-I-dig-out-the-umbrella-or-not rain, but the if-you-wear-clogs-your-feets-gonna-get-soaked kind of rain. Some storms were tropical in nature, and all you can do is bear it and be glad you don’t live in Florida. And every time, without fail, when it rains this way I always think “It’s a great day for ducks”. Which makes me think of geese, which always leads me to thinking that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Don’t ask me why, it just does.


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My sister has no sense of humor.  Which I've suspected for some time now but this sort of confirms it for me.  She knows I like to knit.  And if she's paid any attention to me at all over the years, then she's heard me mention, or seen me reading books by Yarn Harlot.  So yesterday, [ profile] perclexed  posted this amusing blog entry, which I laughed out loud over for many reasons.  I sent Sister an e-mail sharing the blog entry and why I thought it was fun.  Sister replies, "You're scaring me, Sister".  If anyone needs a sense of humor check, it's her.

In other things, has anyone read any Janet Evanovich?    I just finished reading Sizzlin' Sixteen last night.  Yes, I was a good school girl and did my homework first, no worries there.  I like her books, but I don't think they go into enough detail sometimes.  They're like potato chips or M&Ms, tasty but they go too fast and there's not much substance to them.  She certainly comes up with some of the most bizarre things though.  Who else would combine stampeding cattle and Hobbits?  Also, Lula is right.  Stephanie needs to lose a few scruples and just sleep with Ranger!  But that's just my opinion.  I wish I could write.  I'd slash Morelli and Ranger in a heartbeat.
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I leave it up to reader discretion as to which is which.

My accounting class started last night.  The instructor seems very upbeat and concerned that his students learn the subject and he stated numerous times he would do whatever it takes if we need help.  Plus he's kind of cute so sitting in the front row won't be a problem, hee he.  I did notice that only two other people had their text books.  I also noted that these same folks look to be in the over 30 set.  Am I a throw back to the days where you didn't go into class unprepared, or what?

Daughter-In-Law sent a TEXT MESSAGE!!! to announce they were having baby number 4 in February.  Their oldest is three and a half!  What the heck are they thinking up there?  I know, they aren't thinking, ugh.  Maybe it's a fear of that kind of reaction that had them send a text anyway.  Oh brother!

On the hooping front, I surrender.  I am, and have always been, a klutz.  I cannot sustain waist hooping and I'm twisting my knee funny trying to do it.

However, on the knitting front, I seem to be getting the hang of charted knitting.  Hopefully this picture makes it ok.

Yes, that's my knee, but I couldn't think of a better way to stretch out the fabric so the design would show.  And, for those who might have bought that beautiful fall/winter shawl kit from Knitpicks, be aware that the VERY FIRST FREAKIN' CHART has an error on row two.  But, as you can see, I was able to overcome that and my leaves are forming very nicely.

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Sleep?  What's that?  It's just so much better to wake up at 1:30 in the morning and not be able to go back to sleep.  I get so much more fanfic read that way.  zzzzzz.......

On the gaming front, I'm giving Runes of Magic another try.  Daughter-Type and Boyfriend are playing and she told me I'd like it.  And, now that I have a computer that can handle it, I loaded it up.  It's quite a bit like WoW, but sometimes feels a little clunky.  Targeting is an issue, too.  My toon is a Warder and his pet keeps getting in the way.  Also, the crafting system is SLOW!  But I like the fact that you have a chance to craft a green or even blue item.  As far as the best crafting system I've played so far, I have to go with EQ2. 

This week is AUDIT week!  Who knew, right?  There have been no maniacal rants, yet.  Yes, yes, New Boss has hired New Auditors and he has dealt with them exclusively.  No problemo there.  That's why he gets paid the big bucks, yanno?  Somehow I feel a bit let down though.

Eldest Daughter has started her own business.  She's cleaning houses.  She was having bookkeeping issues and I suggested getting Quickbooks.  I took a course in that a few years ago and it seemed fairly easy.  But, she's not an accounting type and getting it going is giving her trouble.  As an added complication, she lives in Florida so it will be difficult for me to help out. 

***Enter fantasy.  I get fed up with the crap here at work and tell Boss and New Boss where to shove it and load my doggie, dvds and computer in my Ford Focus and take off for the wilds of Daytona Beach.  Once there, I invest in Eldest Daughter's business, become her bookkeeper/financial advisor and then she becomes the most successful cleaning service in the area.  We hire many underlings and become millionaires.  Enter reality***

It's Friday, threatening to rain again and I just want to go home.
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...After Thanksgiving dinner the family conversation turns to movies they've seen recently. Someone mentions Star Trek, and everyone looks at you. Feeling the pressure, you attempt to explain the premise of the movie and the recurring theme of time travel and alternate realities in the Star Trek franchise. Total and utter silence ensues while the relatives contemplate whether or not you really are related to them.
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...And I think it's me.

Eldest daughter lives in Daytona Beach, Florida.  This fact is important.  She has been married and divorced once already, which is also important, but not so much to this post.

Recent series of phone calls/text messages:

Her:  Mom, E and I are getting married in October.
Me:  Congrats, honey.  Just be sure you blah blah blah mom lecture time.
Her:  Everything will be peachy, don't worry.  And by the way we'll be going to Naples to get married and for the honeymoon.  We don't want a big fuss this time out.
Me:  Ok, that sounds like a good plan.

The key phrase here is, "we will be going to Naples".  My brain heard Florence and I have been telling all and anyone who will listen that they went to Italy.  Imagine my surprise when I get this text.

Her:  Woo hoo, we're in the Everglades!!
Me:  What happened to Italy?
Her:  Mom, we went to Naples, FLORIDA!

In my own defense, whenever anyone says anything about going to Italy, I immediately thing of Sandra Bullock in While You Were Sleeping and her life's goal of going to Florence for her honeymoon.  So, does that make me a romantic, or just a raving lunatic?
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Joshua and his big sister Kateri share a nap.

aka, I'm experimenting with photobucket, wish me luck.

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My family welcomes little Joshua, born 6/11/09. He weighes in at 9lbs, 4oz and is 22inches long. He is also grandchild number 4, grandson number 2.

Welcome sweetie!


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