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I leave it up to reader discretion as to which is which.

My accounting class started last night.  The instructor seems very upbeat and concerned that his students learn the subject and he stated numerous times he would do whatever it takes if we need help.  Plus he's kind of cute so sitting in the front row won't be a problem, hee he.  I did notice that only two other people had their text books.  I also noted that these same folks look to be in the over 30 set.  Am I a throw back to the days where you didn't go into class unprepared, or what?

Daughter-In-Law sent a TEXT MESSAGE!!! to announce they were having baby number 4 in February.  Their oldest is three and a half!  What the heck are they thinking up there?  I know, they aren't thinking, ugh.  Maybe it's a fear of that kind of reaction that had them send a text anyway.  Oh brother!

On the hooping front, I surrender.  I am, and have always been, a klutz.  I cannot sustain waist hooping and I'm twisting my knee funny trying to do it.

However, on the knitting front, I seem to be getting the hang of charted knitting.  Hopefully this picture makes it ok.

Yes, that's my knee, but I couldn't think of a better way to stretch out the fabric so the design would show.  And, for those who might have bought that beautiful fall/winter shawl kit from Knitpicks, be aware that the VERY FIRST FREAKIN' CHART has an error on row two.  But, as you can see, I was able to overcome that and my leaves are forming very nicely.

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My Hoopnotica beginning lvl 1 dvd arrived and I've watched it.  The trouble shooting section after the first chapter has helped and I've actually sustained about 3 seconds worth of hooping.  Then the hope bashes into my elbow and falls down.  But I feel like I'm keeping it up and it's not all centrifugal force.  Also, the dog has stopped barking at me when I'm hooping.  Now she just runs and hides.  Big chicken.


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