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***SPOILER for new movie***

So, I went into the movie completely cold.  I had not read or watched anything about the movie as I wanted to be a completely blank sheet going in and have these opinion.

It was great entertainment-wise,  and all that, but in many ways it just felt forced.  They forced the Jim/Spock relationship so that at the end Spock was moved to a great show of emotion, which for the Prime universe would have been totally appropriate.  But I felt it was too much in too short a time for that kind of reaction.  I did like how they handled Kahn and could totally believe the events surrounding his character.  I even could accept Bones having the miracle cure since they so kindly showed him tinkering with it in a previous scene. And you know, Bones in any reality is just that brilliant and would have a cure for death readily available.  Still, it all just felt too pat and forced.  I know, I know, these relationships took three seasons to develop in Prime reality and they only had two hours, so I'll give them that... if they take the new cast in an entirely new direction.

Kahn's back in the cryo-freeze, there is no planet Genesis and no Spock's body to go in search of.  The probe from The Voyage Home may still visit Earth in search of humpback whales, but I'm hoping they give us something completely new with the next movie.  And they've maneuvered themselves to do just that.  I mean, I did enjoy this universe's take on Kahn but I'm really hoping for some new seeking out of new life and civilizations and movie plots.

I do highly recommend seeing the movie in 3D.  Fantastic special effects as expected.  And I will see it again in the theaters, because movies of this type deserve to be seen and heard with all the best technology has to offer.
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So, I'm moving soon.  In like ten days.  Everything loose has been boxed up and I'm just waiting.  I hate waiting.  My "entertainment center" has been disassembled and I have no cable tv at the moment.  Which is ok really as I am usually on the computer at home or watching a dvd.  But with the recent blizzard (not! damn ground hog anyway) I was in the mood to just be locked in the house with nothing to do other than watch movies.  Which is a problem because everything is in boxes.  So I rummaged through whatever was on top and came up with Terminator, the Sara Conner Chronicles.  Then today I thought, gee what else is Brian Austin Green in and found this ChromeSkull:  Laid to Rest 2 What did they do.  End Sara Conner and take the whole cast and plunk them down in these movies?  Between the first in the series and this one, just about the whole cast is accounted for.

Anyway, I don't like slasher movies.  But then, I don't like monster movies either but I found Doom when I followed Karl Urban's movies, so keeping an open mind might be a good thing.  Then again, I might never sleep without a night light again.  Oh man.


May. 16th, 2011 11:00 am
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Has anybody else seen Priest yet?

Cut because I don't want to spoil any one )


Oct. 20th, 2010 07:16 am
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Has anyone seen RED yet?  Does anyone read any of Vince Flynn's books?  Wouldn't Karl Urban make a kickass Mitch Rapp?
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***Spoilers for the movie***

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...After Thanksgiving dinner the family conversation turns to movies they've seen recently. Someone mentions Star Trek, and everyone looks at you. Feeling the pressure, you attempt to explain the premise of the movie and the recurring theme of time travel and alternate realities in the Star Trek franchise. Total and utter silence ensues while the relatives contemplate whether or not you really are related to them.
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Once again I've survived the annual audit.  Praise the lord and pass the peas.  They actually left half a day early, but who's counting?  They did take off with some of my original paperwork, which should be interesting to see if I can get it back.  Ugh.

On the knitting front, I'm making this.  Yes, it has charts.  Yes, it's supposed to be easy, even for those of us who are chart impaired.  It's pretty, and soft, and I'm really liking the picture alot but for the life of me, those damn charts are getting me down again.  For some reason, my brain keeps reading the chart from right to left.  Every row.  I've even drawn little arrows on the charts to remind me which direction I need to read the thing from, but the old brain only has one gear, right to left.  Then, to make matters worse, just when I got a rhythm going,  I had to switch to the next chart and they reversed the numbers on me.  Even on left instead of right and that means more left to right, not right to left.  There should be some magic chart reader out there that you can scan the stupid charts into and it will print out written instructions.  I'd buy it.

Movies - Saw Inglorious Bastards with my father over the weekend.  I figured it could be something we could do together since my step-mother passed last month.  They went almost every weekend and I usually go too.  Seemed like a good idea at the time.  What a mess.  The movie stunk and was so very strange in addition to being violent and bloody in the extreme.  And I think I have a fairly high tolerance for that kind of thing.  And Brad Pitt only had like four scenes anyway.  My father jumped up the second the credits started to roll and was out the door.  I had to wait for the herd to pass before I could follow him.  Guess I know what HE thought of the movie.  It reminded me of when he took me and a girlfriend to see the Dark Shadows movie waaaaay back when.  They showed it at the drive in with two other vampire kind of movies and, being the good daddy he is, he took us and sat through all three shows.  Poor man.  I guess he knows his daughter has sucky taste in movies no matter what her age.  (No pun on the sucky thing intended)

Torchwood - I'm loving this show.  Can't figure out why I didn't like it so much the first time I got it from Netflix.  Must have been in a strange mood, cause it so deserves all the great things everyone is saying about it.  Guess it's one of those right to left kind of things.
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My sister has issues with my hair.  Just two really, but who's counting.

First, she says it's too long and needs to be cut into something more time consuming and tedious fashionable.  I'll give her this one a little because it does need some residual layers trimmed off the ends.  But you know what?  Life is short and so my hair has been all my life.  Just once, I'd like it to be long and swingy.  And baby, that takes some time to grow out.

Second, she's highly offended by the gray.  Like radically, bring out the protest signs, tie her down and get the hair dye, offended.  She says it makes me look older.  Yes, I'm only 51 and mostly gray, but I feel I've earned my stripes.  Oh, nothing extreme and most of the life I've experienced I've brought on myself, but it still takes it's toll.  So, I have gray hair and no qualms about showing it.  What can I say, I'm a non-conformist to the bitter end.

We have a wedding to go to in Chicago this weekend and "hair" appointments on Friday afternoon.  There will be NO hair dying involved but I'm going to cooperate a bit on the styling issue.  In reality, I'm a fairly wimpy, non-conformist.  Or is the proper term passive-aggressive?

On lighter topics.  Went and saw Hurt Locker and G.I. Joe over the weekend.  They were both ok as movies in their respective categories go.  I left G.I. Joe thinking of Star Wars for some reason.  You know, the first, second set of movies, not the second, first set.  Yes, my mind works in mysterious ways.  And I finished the pinwheel sweater for Daughter-type.  I've made this twice now and it's so much fun.  It has just enough crochet to make things interesting and works up fast.

Also, I almost went and bought me a Sony Prs-505.  My printed fanfic has taken over my bedroom and must be brought under control.  Not to mention Eldest-daughter will be coming to visit soon and she's a snoopy sort.  Not sure how to explain away my wee little fascination with slash fanfic.  Plus, like long hair, I just want it!  I shouldn't have to explain it to anyone at this point in my life.

And, finally, ONE WEEK TIL THE AUDIT!  Perhaps all of the above can be explained away due to stress thinking about the damn, annual audit.  Just add another stripe in the hair and get it all over with.
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KNITTING - Never start to knit something with multiple strands of yarn unless you are absolutely certain you will not need to rip it out.  It's never as much fun ripping out 5 strands as it is working it up in the long run.

WILD HOGS - Funny, so very funny.  And no other redeeming qualities at all.  Although, I was happy to see Ray Liotta had lost some weight.  I still like him and his maniacal laugh.

MACGYVER - I never knew the reason Dana Elcar wasn't in the show as much towards the end was that he actually had glaucoma.  Very sobering.  As many of the the episodes were.

TOUR of DUTY - How in the world could I have missed watching this show when it was aired?  This thing is just so everything I like in a tv series.  Well, seasons 1 and 3.  Didn't care much for 2, but as with most of Stargate season 6, I'll just pretend it didn't happen. 


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