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Does anyone else get a song stuck in their head and it just won't go away?  For like a week?  Why does that happen?  Is it OCD or stress/depression who the heck knows.

Strangeness )
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Does anyone else listen to AOL radio on line?  One of my favorite channels is Southern Rock  and I get to take a trip down memory lane with such bands as The James Gang, The Outlaws, Charlie Daniels Band and Humble Pie.  Humble Pie?  AOL's write up on them lists them as a British rock band, which, yeppers, I agree with.  Why, then, are they playing them on the Southern Rock channel?  Don't get me wrong, I love Humble Pie, but I just can't figure out AOL's reasoning.
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...with Mr. T went pretty well. He knows the guitar and how to break it down and teach to others, so the outlook for continued lessons wtih him seem pretty good. He's not teaching "classical" but that's ok and can be had later if I really get serious.

We're (I am) learning The Eight Great Blues Riffs for this week's lesson. I'm learning hammer on, sliding and pulling off? I don't know. I'm a student, I will get the terms wrong. We also talked about the strength of the chording hand and the four individual fingers. Ring and pinky being the weakest, so I have more exercises to work them. Index next and the the good old middle finger being the strongest. Does that mean I flip too many people the bird?

Anyway, he promises next week we'll put the shuffle chords, the riffs and some of the blues scale together and make our very own song! Hee he, I'm really so very easy to please sometimes.
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So, I had my first one-one guitar lesson last night.  The eight week group lesson I had been attending ends next week and I didn't want to lose those hard earned callouses.  Anyway, I was standing there with a 13-ish year old boy also waiting for an instructor, when this huge guy with tattoos and a MR T mohawk came out.  He looked at the kid, then at me and we both just sort of stood there for a second.  Processing.  I have nothing against tattoos (I have one myself) or extreme hair designs, but he's not quite what I pictured as my guitar instructor.  I had visions of learning a bit of classical, and some bluesy, maybe country-ish little tunes I could pick out, whatever.  But in that second that we both just stood there, I thought, what the hell.  Doing things "my way" usually results in me being disappointed somehow anyway, so shaking things up a bit might just be what I need.  Still, talk about the odd couple.
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Ok, thought I'd give everyone a break from my harmonica lesson tales.  Although, this is harmonica related.

The instructor for the class plays with a trio that will be performing Saturday night.  I want to go, but don't have anyone to go with...for reasons that do not need exploring at this juncture.  How socially acceptable (unacceptable) is it for a woman to go to a dinner club to hear a performance alone?  Yeah, yeah, I know.  To hell what other people think, but how pathetic is it really?  More or less than asking your daughter to go along?

Anyone in the Philly area free Saturday night?

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Well, lesson number 2 went fairly well.  I was perversely happy to hear that the rest of the class sounded just like me, what with the honking and air leaking and general newbie noise being produced.  The instructor played us (dvd) a harmonica/guitar version of Body and Soul.  My god!  If I didn't know better because I'd been told, I would have thought it was a soprano saxophone.  The trills and runs and just general solo technique was incredible.  I never would have thought of the harmonica as anything other than a blues/rock type instrument.  Totally mindblowing.

Anyway, our lesson, and a far cry from that rendition of Body and Soul, is O Susanna and America.  The first offers longer notes and the idea of "repeats" when reading music.  The second has some rather quick phrasing and a "skip" from E to G, which is giving us fits as a class.

Still fun and absolutely challenging.


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