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***SPOILER for new movie***

So, I went into the movie completely cold.  I had not read or watched anything about the movie as I wanted to be a completely blank sheet going in and have these opinion.

It was great entertainment-wise,  and all that, but in many ways it just felt forced.  They forced the Jim/Spock relationship so that at the end Spock was moved to a great show of emotion, which for the Prime universe would have been totally appropriate.  But I felt it was too much in too short a time for that kind of reaction.  I did like how they handled Kahn and could totally believe the events surrounding his character.  I even could accept Bones having the miracle cure since they so kindly showed him tinkering with it in a previous scene. And you know, Bones in any reality is just that brilliant and would have a cure for death readily available.  Still, it all just felt too pat and forced.  I know, I know, these relationships took three seasons to develop in Prime reality and they only had two hours, so I'll give them that... if they take the new cast in an entirely new direction.

Kahn's back in the cryo-freeze, there is no planet Genesis and no Spock's body to go in search of.  The probe from The Voyage Home may still visit Earth in search of humpback whales, but I'm hoping they give us something completely new with the next movie.  And they've maneuvered themselves to do just that.  I mean, I did enjoy this universe's take on Kahn but I'm really hoping for some new seeking out of new life and civilizations and movie plots.

I do highly recommend seeing the movie in 3D.  Fantastic special effects as expected.  And I will see it again in the theaters, because movies of this type deserve to be seen and heard with all the best technology has to offer.
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...while adding a new signer to the business checking account, you have to double check that you list his title as the CFO and not CMO!

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aka A Silly Post Because I'm Not Ready To Go Back To Work Yet

I'd never seen a movie with Vin Diesel in it before this March, or whenever The Fast And The Furious 4 came out.  TMI )  And then I woke up.  Thirty minutes before the blasted alarm. 

Ain't life grand?
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...of our doggies!  Sheese.

It stormed here last night.  Nothing really major, just a few boomies and lots of rain.  All that freaks my dog right out.  She prowls around the bedroom and flops (70 pound doggie here) in two of her favorite spots next to my bed.  And then pants.  Loudly.  Accompanied by lots of drool which she then has to smack her lips to clear up, followed by more panting.  So to help ease her anxiety, because I could happily sleep right through the storm no problem, I turn on the fan for some white noise.  Way up on high so she can just barely hear the storm.  And hopefully let us both go back to sleep.  Now if that isn't love, I don't know what is.

I also have a vintage Star Trek Novel review.  Which I really stink at but its one of my very favorites that I have read over and over through the years so I'm gonna review anyway.  Dreams of the Raven by Carmen Carter is everything I love in a Trek book.  First off, it's McCoy-centric, but not the Bones we know and love.  During a devastating attack on the Enterprise while coming to the aid of a merchant vessel that's been attacked (yadda yadda), McCoy sustains an injury which causes him to lose his memory.  The interesting thing about this book is that the newly awakened McCoy really doesn't like Jim Kirk much at all and seems to be bonding more with Spock.  But it turns out that McCoy's loss of memory is the key to winning the day in this particular adventure.

This one is filled with lots of action, some of it rather graphic for it's day and genre.  And we get a look into Bones' past and a bit of how he was before joining Star Fleet..  This new McCoy is rather apalled by Bones and fights tooth and nail to have another chance at life.

Not such a great review, but it IS a great book.

Star Trek

May. 8th, 2009 08:03 am
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Yikes, people are already posting about the new movie.

I haven't seen it yet, I'm not reading or listening to any one about it yet.  See my hands over my eyes and fingers stuck in ears.

*sings loudly*  LA LA LA LA LA
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I'm excited about the new Star Trek movie coming out soon. I have to admit I've sort of fallen away from most things Trek over the years, but am a fiercely loyal fan of the original series. This is best exhibited by my absolute refusal to get rid of my Star Trek novel collection. It takes up three fully packed shelves on one of my six foot tall bookshelves and I desperately need to reclaim that space. But hell no! Trek won't go!!

Ahem, anyway, I was thinking about some of my favorite Trek books (instead of working cause it's Friday and sunny and I really don't want to be here) and remembered this gem Ishmael.  From there I realized that it had to be one of the first crossover stories I ever remember reading.  (And I don't include the Jetsons meet the Flintstones either, sorry.)  The story has everything I ever wanted in a Trek novel, time travel, Spock with amnesia, pesky Klingons and an unexpected side of the Bolt Brothers.  Oh yeah.

I think there might be a lawn chair with my name on it in the near future, quite possibly today.


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