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The move was a success!  I never want to do that again.  It's been 25 years since the last one, and if I have to do it in another 25, it will be too soon!

Nothing got broken and even the piano made the trip unscathed.  My sister, Daughter-Type and her boyfriend helped unpack everything and set up the computer again.  No internet until yesterday, though.  But I was busy enough over the weekend that I really didn't miss it much.  And I have Verizon now instead of Comcast.  With a DVR!!  All this new newfangled technology is blowing my mind.  I have no clue what I need to start recording though.  Everything I watch is either streaming in some way or with dvds.  It's all so very exciting.

It feels strange not dealing with stairs every few hours, but nice.  I can always climb the three flights to get up to my new place instead of using the elevator if I'm feeling nostalgic.  I think I'm the youngest person in the building.  It's a 55 and over place and I won't be 55 until the 18th.  Still, they have a bunch of groups that get together in the evening, one of which knits and crochets.  Next week I think I'll join them.  The drive wasn't too bad this morning.  I leave early enough so I miss all the awful morning rush, and I'm thinking the same will be true for the return trip.

So a major event and everyone has survived with all pieces intact!  A glorious day indeed.
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So I went home for lunch to let the doggie out, as usual, and discovered there was no power. The big storm was yesterday, but whatever. Then I get back to work with my lunch and find out the internets down. Ugh, life is just so unfair. So much for faking a headache and going home for the day.
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So, I finished watching Death Note last night and have been so blown away by the entire series that nothing else I tried to watch was holding my attention.  When all else fails, On Demand to the rescue, right?  They had a show about Krakatoa and how devastating that explosion was.  And how it will happen again.  I know, I know, right after Yellowstone goes up but still.  Very, very sobering.  The biggie with that volcano is that the series of eruptions in 1883 wasn't even the biggest.  I mean, this thing blew 1/3 of the island apart into three pieces.  Not to mention the tsunamis and the fact that the explosion was heard 3000 miles away.  They went on to give scientific evidence that a much larger eruption happened way back in 535 BC.  And then they went on to explain the gloom and doom that will happen when the volcano goes up again. 

Then I watched the show about Hannibal crossing the Alps with his elephants and what a brilliant tactician he was.  Along with being extremely brutal.  Nothing like a little light viewing before bed, right?
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I can't get Hammerhead by The Offspring out of my head.  All weekend long no matter what else I listen to I keep defaulting to the same song!  Argh!!


Jul. 22nd, 2010 01:14 pm
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In preparing for a second spin with the crackvan in a few months, I've been researching my favorite fics I'm going to rec.

Me:  Types author into the LiveJournal search.
LJ:  ...
Me:  Types again s-l-o-w-l-y
LJ:  ...
Me:  Types something that I know is going to get a hit like, oh say, Supernatural
LJ:  ...
Me:  Hmmm, perhaps they've made some changes to the search feature and didn't tell me.  Clicks HELP.
LJ:  You idiot!  The search feature is kaput for now, stop trying to use it!
Me:  Sorry, I didn't know.  I never read your notices anyway because they never have anything to do with me anyway, except now they do.
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May the Fourth be with you

I'm such a tweeb, hee he
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I *must* buy a snowblower.

I will never complain about my mailbox being vandalized again.  Well, maybe for another year or so at least.  I was on my way to work and happened to notice several mailboxes either lying on the ground, hanging by a few nails, or completely severed from their posts coutersy of the snow plows trying to keep up with our recent snowfall.  One that I saw had been reattached to the post by someone winding some type of cable around the box and the arm that sticks out.  Now, why didn't I think of that?

On the subject of mailboxes, mine has just the box peeping up over the mounded snow.  The pile of snow in front of the box is about three feet deep up near the lid and at least four feet wide.  I may never get mail again.

I listen to AOL Radio at work.  It's free and doesn't have too many commercials.  Used to not have any, but that's a complaint for another post.  I like to try out different stations just for variety.  There's a little star rating system at the bottom so I can rate the songs I hear.  With my tried and true stations I don't have any problem rating things, but when I am on a new station, I don't rate.  I feel I'm just a visitor there so why mess things up for the usual listeners.  But I have to say, The Allman Brothers Jessica will only get a one star rating no matter what station I hear it on.

You know you play too much WoW when you compare shoveling out your driveway to tackling an instance in the game.  My daughter and I were the DPS hanging tough with all the minor trash, while the boss (the cement textured, frozen snow/slush) sat and laughed at us from the very end of the driveway.  We then realized we needed a tank (my son) to help out.  A few healers would have been nice too.

And on the gaming front, I think I burned out on Star Trek Online.  I haven't played in a week, but am going gang busters in WoW again.

Now back to work.
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Me: Need online Barnes & Nobles account. Enters email and creates password.
B&N: Woops sorry, try again.
Me: Enters same info again, s-l-o-w-l-y.
B&N: Perhapes you missed the first error message. You obviously missed the BIG RED TEXT that says that email address is already in use and to click here to reset.
Me: Oops, guess I've signed up before.  Now what do I do?
B&N: ...
Me: Clicks BIG RED TEXT and logs in to email to reset password.
B&N: Answer security question
Me: ...
B&N: Dude!  You picked the question and the answer.  How hard could this be?  But because we like you we're gonna give you one more chance to use THE SAME EMAIL and rest your password.  Don't be cute with the security question thingy and write that sucka down somewhere.  It's good thing we REALLY want your money or you'd have to make a whole new account.
Me: Sorry, can I do my shopping now?
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1.  Law abiding citizens should not drive during rush hour or lunch time unless they are willing to keep up with/not obstruct traffic.

2.  Having a dream about flipping your boss the bird is not a positive way to start the work week after the holiday season.

3.  The woolly caterpillars have cursed us and winter hasn't even started for real yet.

4.  Dragon Age:  Origins is highly addictive.

5.  I should have paid closer attention during spelling class.
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I wanna pony!  Not to be confused with the hog I wanted two years ago.  That would have been a public safety issue and just plain irresponsible of me.  Reality has left me with a dog, though.  But the pony...Ah yes.  That I could do.  And I've realized lately, that I'm not getting any younger, and these things I've always wanted?  Well, they aren't just gonna fall out of the sky for me.  I'm gonna have to make them happen on my own.  My new life philosophy is ME ME ME!!

Whew, I'm glad that's out of my systems.

Anyway, thoughts on some of the shows I've been watching.  And keep in mind, whoever might stumble upon my random musings, that the only show I watch "in real time" is Supernatural.  Everything else is viewed via Netflix, and usually several months/years later.

Here there be spoilers )
And that's my two cents worth on a few hot topics.
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No tears or blood was shed.

We're off to a good start!

And speaking of blood, I just had the blood test from hell!  The lady had to stick me four times.

Only me, right?
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Well, maybe a few deep knee bends, but I really had a nice quite, unevenful, holiday weekend.  Perhaps I should say expensive weekend, since I had a guy come out and powerwash the vinyl siding and gutters.  But it REALLY needed it.  Had breakfast on Sunday with The Parents and had a nice visit with Daughter-type.  Also I did end-weaving on three sweaters I have knitted for my granddaughters.  Yes, there are two of them and three sweaters.  Nanna needs to get off her knitterly arse and get another sweater done.  Ugh.

I went and saw Public Enemies, which I thought was so-so.  I usually stay away from movies that I know the ending to, but this one had Johnny Depp, so you know, how could I resist.  Loved the music in it, though.

Then I had  Karl Urban-a-thon.  I watched Chronicls of Riddick, Doom, Pathfinder and Heaven.  Daughter-type has taken Lord of the Rings with her, which probably is a good thing since I might not have done anything at all this weekend if those were still around.  I have to wonder what my next, new obsession will be.  Not sure how anyone could top Karl though.  (Any slashers out there, behave yoursleves!)  But then I thought that about Bruce Willis and Die Hard not too many months ago.  So many pretty men, so little time.

Now, here it is Monday again.  And what am I doing first thing at work?
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Is it just me, or is Bumble Bee tuna putting less tuna in their 3 oz cans? 
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Does this ever happen to anyone else?  Damn passwords.

You go to a site.  Enter login name, check.  Enter password, erm... Try again, no luck.  You know if you try a third time you're locked out so you hit the "ok I give up" button.  There you get asked a bunch of security questions which YOU! have set up the answers to.  

The one that stumped me yesterday was, "What is your middle name?"  Now when I was setting up those answers, did I use my given middle name or my maiden last name which I took as my married middle name?  I actually sat and had to think about what my state of mind might have been when I set the damn thing up.  And you know, if you guess wrong, the site is gonna think someone's trying to hack into your account and you'll never get back in.

Enough already!


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