Nov. 12th, 2014 07:22 am
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So, I haven't posted anything in months.  I guess I'm like many others here in LJ land and just don't seem to use the site as much as I used to.

Anyhoo, I just finished watching season 8 of Supernatural.  I don't know why I waited so long, I mean, there it sat on my shelf collecting dust for a year (or so).  I loved the whole season.  It has to be my favorite of all, including season 1.  I love Benny.  He was hot and he and Dean could easily be my OTP for all time.  Why do I fall for these rare pairings?  Anyway, I liked the season.  Now to try to get into Season 9, which I'm watching on Netflix since I didn't order from Amazon.  Must consider doing so.  Maybe next year when it's on sale.
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Long rambling post, just because I can.

First off, it was freakin' COLD last night.  Had to break out the electric blankey early it seems.  And turn on the heat.  But at least it was officially October, so that's a wee bit better.  Turning the heat on in September is just wrong.

Ok, my thoughts on Supernatural 5.04, but I'll leave the really thinky thoughts to those who like to put some thought into things. 

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So those are my thoughts on this frosty...What?  Ok, so its not actualy FROST, but is still damn chilly this morning.  Got to get that little voice some music going so she'll leave me alone.
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...for season 5 of Supernatural.  I know [personal profile] riverfoxwas worried about if I could cram all those episodes of season 4 into one long weekend of viewing, but I'm here today to reassure her, I did it.  Along with almost finishing that shawl I'm knitting.  So I can claim I was productive over the weekend and didn't just sit like a lump and watch tv.

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