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The Blankie is on hold.  We all knew it was just too good to last anyway.

Now I'm working on this shawl  for Daughter-Type.  I have thoughts of giving it to her for Christmas, but I'm not sure which year that will be, lol.  I'm intrigued by the construction.  It starts off by casing just one stitch and doing a yarn over increase at the right edge every other row making the triangle you see in the picture.  The decreases are done in a similar manner.  Then you turn the work, and pick up all those yarn overs to start the lace pattern.  If I wasn't so caught up in WoW right now, I'd have that triangle and all the pick up stitches going, but I gotta be me, right?

I'll post a picture once I have something more exciting than the garter stitch triangle going.
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Yes indeed.  I'm the slowest knitter in the world.  Plus there have been distractions. 

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I'm a horrible photographer.

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...with the sweet spot afghan.  Out of all that yarn I bought only two skeins were striping the way they were supposed to.  So instead, I have started my other sock yarn afghan project.

Here is square number one.
Out of focus photos. Beware! )

I will say one thing though, this thing is addictive.  It takes me about 45 minutes to knit one square (because I am slow, or have a really good show on or perhaps its nap time?) but so far it has held my interest.  I mean, there's a strong chance I'll finish this thing in the relative near future!


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