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So, I watched Netflix's Daredevil.  Hooobaby, I love it.  It's been a while since I've seen a show/movie that's sent me off on a marathon bender like this.  And of course, I then realized I'd need to get caught up on whatever is going on with SHIELD since everything I've read indicates that the two will most likely crossover some time in the future.

Anyway, I'm finished with season 1 of Agens of SHIELD, but really having a tough time getting into the show.  Not sure why.  It jumps around alot and since I'm working on a lace shawl knitting deadline, I may not be paying as much attention as I should be.  I know my knitting is suffering as well on some rows.  lol  Anyway, I've seen all the movies, but only once.  So maybe seeing them again will help tie up some loose ends and make the whole show seem more coherent.  I don't know.

Another thought, DD is such a darker, intense show.  Which obviously I seem to like.  Shield, although it touches on darker themes, never goes into much depth and ok, we're comparing Netflix with a "network" and whatever restrictions that network has imposed.  I guess also they couldn't go very far with it so as to let parents give an official okey-dokey for their kiddies to watch.  Still, the whole thing, movies, various tv series and crossovers is just dizzying.  Hopefully season 2 will grab me a bit more.

OMG, this helps.  NOT!!
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Everyone needs to stop what they're doing and immediately start watching this show.  It's probably one of the best kept tv secrets of, well, forever.  It's a quirky show about a 1890's detective in Toronto, so yeah, police who-done-it kind of thing.  The Murdoch character reminds me of Benton Frazer from Due South, I mean like alot!  And there's the beautiful ME who is his love interest.  He has a goofy side-kick and loud boss.  All that is good and provides some comedy and angst.  What I love about the show, besides the actor Yannick Bisson (and just where have they been hiding him!  What incredible eyes, whooo baby!!) is they poke lots of fun at the here and now and tackle lots of hot topic issues we wrestle with today.  Seriously folks, run out and get this show any way you can.  Which leads to a bitch about Netflix.

Netflix, WTF (in caps mind you!!) are you doing with your streaming service?  You dangle a multi-season show in front of us with only two seasons and then make us go snail-mail and get the dvds?  Why bother?  I know, I know.  You want the revenue from both services.  But just let me say here and now, that SUCKS!  So there.

Anyway, go watch the show.  You won't be sorry. 
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My Season 7 dvds came in the mail yesterday.  I usually don't like beards, but Thomas Gibson is HOT!! with a beard.  OMFG!!!

That's all, please return to your regular activities now.
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So, I finished watching Death Note last night and have been so blown away by the entire series that nothing else I tried to watch was holding my attention.  When all else fails, On Demand to the rescue, right?  They had a show about Krakatoa and how devastating that explosion was.  And how it will happen again.  I know, I know, right after Yellowstone goes up but still.  Very, very sobering.  The biggie with that volcano is that the series of eruptions in 1883 wasn't even the biggest.  I mean, this thing blew 1/3 of the island apart into three pieces.  Not to mention the tsunamis and the fact that the explosion was heard 3000 miles away.  They went on to give scientific evidence that a much larger eruption happened way back in 535 BC.  And then they went on to explain the gloom and doom that will happen when the volcano goes up again. 

Then I watched the show about Hannibal crossing the Alps with his elephants and what a brilliant tactician he was.  Along with being extremely brutal.  Nothing like a little light viewing before bed, right?

The End

Mar. 6th, 2007 03:06 pm
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I hate seeing the end of a series.  I mean, I find one I like and just can't rest until I see/own the whole series.  But then, once its been viewed, I just feel somewhat at a loss.  Its like losing a friend, which sheese, says alot about my social life.   About the only series that has left me with a totally, happy, feel good smile on my face has been Yu Yu Hakusho.  Cause you know, they kiss at the end and nobody gets handed a freakin' sea shell or anything symbolic like that.  

So, I finished up Tour of Duty last night and now don't know what to watch next.  Sooo many fandoms, sooo little time.  I'm seriously thinking I need to drag myself into the current century with my TV viewing.  Although, I am watching The West Wing and that is a little on the current side.  I'm on the last season of MacGyver.  Have The A-Team on my netflix list.  Amazon has Mag7 season 2 on order.  But need some suggestions about what might be good to fill in the gaps.  

So, if anybody has any good suggestions, I'm open.


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