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I just finished reading Tom Clancy's Dead or Alive.  Has anyone else read it?

Cut for bookish spoilers )

My gaming life is, well, I'm not sure I can describe it.  I've gotten 3 toons up to level 85, one of which has finished her Cataclysm loremaster achievement, but now I feel like, what's next?  I don't raid and I've never done much as far as grouping due to much trauma early in my WoW career.  Their tradeskills are maxed out so I don't feel much urge to log on the game except when the guild is on.  It's my daughter's guild and we boast a whopping six members.  We only really are able to group on Saturday or Sunday afternoons and then I'm playing a warlock alt I made just so the guild would have one of each class.

Anyway, so Rift has a new patch, which I've not downloaded yet.  I'm thinking of taking advantage of the free server transfers and getting one of my three mains off Wolfsbane and on to a lower population server.  Except...I downloaded Everquest II, the free version, and have been playing that instead.  Even though I had to pay for the race/class I wanted.  Greedy bastards.  I really liked playing it last year until my WoW got hacked and Daughter-Type got the guild going.

Finally, my father, who is 80, is moving out of the house we lived in since 1966.  Talk about your traumatic experiences.  I have mixed feelings about the move.  There are just so many memories tied up in the place, both good and bad.  He's buried two wives living in that house, one just two years ago in July.  He has to be feeling conflicted as well.  My sister has been there every weekend to help.  But he is NOT listening to her.  She schlepps boxes, old half full paint cans and other toxic waste and minds the burn barrel in addition to general cleaning and the like, but whenever she ventures an opinion he shuts her out.  To me, this isn't new behavior, but he and I have a different relationship and always have had.

Anyway, he finally closed on a condo nearby and he is going to settlement on his house mid-July.  However, he doesn't want to part with the eight dining room chairs, both leaves for the dinning room table or any of the filing cabinets (six) to fit into his new, two bedroom place.  I have visions of the movers stacking up in the hallway outside the place with all that huge furniture going, "Where ya wannit buddy?" and not being able to get in the door.

Finally, our prima donna sales manager here at work has allegedly resigned.  The rumor mill has it that one of his prima donna sales team has caused him to have to do extra work, since he did not enforce proper returns policy with said sales dweeb, fondly dumbed King Baby.  So today, Sales Manager is absent, although the rumor mill does not believe it's a permanent thing, just a temper tantrum of some sort.  This place is just a laugh a minute, that's for sure.  One of these days, when I grow up, I'll have a real job at a real company, with a Ranger and Morellie dilemma like Stephanie's.  Oh well, dream on, right?


Feb. 16th, 2011 11:41 am
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So, I did what I swore I wouldn't do last year when the Star Trek Online open beta started.  I'm playing the Rift open beta. Ugh.  But maybe not so bad as STO.  I did not have any trouble downloading or patching which is a plus.  As with STO, I took forever at the character creation screen.  So many choices, and colors and other options!  I love it.  And then it loaded up the game with no problems.

It seemed all the servers (shards?) were at high or full capacity, but I expected that.  Apparently the server I'm on, or maybe all of them, are set for Pacific time, which really suits my play style fairly well, since I tend to solo a lot.  I didn't have any trouble with picking up the basics, and yes, it's a lot like WoW.  But I also see elements of some of the other MMOs I've played.  I like the public group feature when you encounter rifts, which is similar to the auto grouping feature STO has. 

Finally, the big problem I had with the STO beta and first week of play was server stability.  I think they underestimated the number of people who were going to participate and the servers were always crashing.  I missed most of the head start weekend for that reason.  Hopefully the Rift folks will have learned from that.  However the shard did crash last night around 7pm Eastern.  I figure lots of West Coast folks were getting home from school/work and the East Coast folks had all had their dinner and wanted to play.  Something to watch for and hopefully they will have taken it into account.

Just my two cents worth on the subject.


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