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Life has been, well, life.  Knitting and other crafts have had their ups and downs as well.  Here's some yarn I dyed back in December and the socks I knit up.  Over on Ravelry we had a flurry of excitement wrapping yarn into balls, dyeing one color, then re-wrapping so the undyed section was on the outside and re-dyeing different color.  Mine turned out so-so but the socks have been really warm and comfy to wear.

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So, I entered another CAL on Ravelry's Gogreous Gradients.  Our task was to create a peacock themed yarn item using gradient colorway.  I tried my hand at dyeing my own with food coloring and some KnitPicks bare yarn.  Results weren't so bad and I'm happy with the final product.

Black Peacock Pi


Jul. 31st, 2015 12:43 pm
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So, Sister loves her birthday socks.  She has been dropping not so subtle hints for quite a few months now, and her birthday seemed to be the appropriate time to make a pair for her.  The problem has been that she's picky.  Wool it too scratchy, I'm allergic and so on.  So I had to choose the yarn with great care.  These are 70% fine merino, 20% cashmere and 10% nylon.  They are incredibly soft.  I picked a more conservative yarn for this first pair.  Next time around I'll dig out the neon and really have some fun.

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So, I watched Netflix's Daredevil.  Hooobaby, I love it.  It's been a while since I've seen a show/movie that's sent me off on a marathon bender like this.  And of course, I then realized I'd need to get caught up on whatever is going on with SHIELD since everything I've read indicates that the two will most likely crossover some time in the future.

Anyway, I'm finished with season 1 of Agens of SHIELD, but really having a tough time getting into the show.  Not sure why.  It jumps around alot and since I'm working on a lace shawl knitting deadline, I may not be paying as much attention as I should be.  I know my knitting is suffering as well on some rows.  lol  Anyway, I've seen all the movies, but only once.  So maybe seeing them again will help tie up some loose ends and make the whole show seem more coherent.  I don't know.

Another thought, DD is such a darker, intense show.  Which obviously I seem to like.  Shield, although it touches on darker themes, never goes into much depth and ok, we're comparing Netflix with a "network" and whatever restrictions that network has imposed.  I guess also they couldn't go very far with it so as to let parents give an official okey-dokey for their kiddies to watch.  Still, the whole thing, movies, various tv series and crossovers is just dizzying.  Hopefully season 2 will grab me a bit more.

OMG, this helps.  NOT!!
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Ok, so going on day three with no power.  Lost it 5pm on Tuesday.  Man what a storm.  The rain was blowing sideways and I couldn't see beyond the edge of the balcony.  Wednesday morning commute was a huge pain.  There were trees down everywhere and all the detours had detours.  Traffic lights were out at all the major intersections and there was only one Wawa open!  Which really was the worst part of the whole ordeal.

At work, we have one side of the office with full power and the other at half (brown out).  So we can run a fan or light but not enough juice to turn on the computer or printer.  Very strange.

Anyway, last night, still no power, ETA from Peco was 11pm but yeah right.  I drove up the Northbound lane of RT1 and counted 17 trees down (with the power lines beneath them) in about a half mile stretch.  11pm my arse.  So had my Wawa sandwich and bottled water for dinner and worked on a pair of socks until it got too dark to see.  What the flock are we supposed to do in the dark at 8:30 at night?

That brings us to today.  Sister got power late last night and has offered a spare bed and hot shower if needed.  Hell yeah its needed!   If no power when I get home tonight, I'm taking her up on the offer. 

New iPhone

Jun. 10th, 2015 05:46 am
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Holy moly! I can't believe what I've missed out on not having an iPhone. It's so much easier than my old android. Woohoo!!
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Does anyone else get a song stuck in their head and it just won't go away?  For like a week?  Why does that happen?  Is it OCD or stress/depression who the heck knows.

Strangeness )


Nov. 12th, 2014 07:22 am
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So, I haven't posted anything in months.  I guess I'm like many others here in LJ land and just don't seem to use the site as much as I used to.

Anyhoo, I just finished watching season 8 of Supernatural.  I don't know why I waited so long, I mean, there it sat on my shelf collecting dust for a year (or so).  I loved the whole season.  It has to be my favorite of all, including season 1.  I love Benny.  He was hot and he and Dean could easily be my OTP for all time.  Why do I fall for these rare pairings?  Anyway, I liked the season.  Now to try to get into Season 9, which I'm watching on Netflix since I didn't order from Amazon.  Must consider doing so.  Maybe next year when it's on sale.
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I haven't posted in forever, it seems.  Actually, I haven't been on LJ in a while.  I think I relied on the Crack Van more than I thought to give me a broad look at what's being written, fandomwise.

Gaming )

Knitting )

And the rest is just life going along doing its thing.
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I play many MMOs.  And yeah, they've all been WoW clones of one type or another.  So when new "sandbox" type games have been announced, I've jumped on whatever info I can get.  I'm so ready for a change.  Like, I'm totally sick of the cold and snow and see a glimmer of hope for spring.  If only I can wait that long.  Yeah, an analogy many can get with all that white shit on the ground.

Anyway, haunting the forums is bad for one's blood pressure.  I know, not new news but I just can't seem to help myself.  Some of the folks who post on these things are beyond rude and ignorant.  Its so very alarming to think there are people out there in the world who really get off on being assholes to others looking for information.  And then there's the issue of whether or not to add pvp and how it might be implemented.  Actually, I sort of love those debates.  They're always the same no matter what game is being discussed.  hee he  Long live the terms "ganker" and "carebare".  Still, all these games need one dedicated server for those of the pvp persuasion to just duke it out no matter what the day, issue or direction the wind is blowing, and let the rest of the world go on about their merry way.

So yeah, must stay off forums...


Jul. 11th, 2013 12:44 pm
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So, apparently my Playstation 3 has this ability to actually, you know, play video games!  Who knew it was good for anything other than streaming Netflix and playing blue rays?  It has nifty free to play games like, oh say DC Universe Online.

Like I need more gaming in my life.  hee he
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Daughter-Type and Boyfriend are huge LoTR fans, as am I.  So I was browsing around on Ravelry and found several LoTR sweater designs.  Specifically A Cardigan For Arwen and Tree of Gondor Chart .  I see these as jumping off points.  The cardigan pattern as written, has too much fussy construction so I'll probably just use bits and pieces such as the cabling up the front and possibly the hood.  What ever design elements I use I'll be making some type of seamless pattern.  I really hate sewing up knitted projects.  Also for the cardigan, I plan to use [ profile] dragoncrafter's charted tree.  Yes, yes, I know I've complained loud and long about how much I hate charts in my knitting, but this design is eating away at me and I must conquer my chart issues.

For Boyfriend's sweater, I will use another hooded pattern still to be determined.  Quite possibly the same as for Daughter-Type, but we'll see.  For his sweater, I'm going to attempt a color work tree.  My problem lies in that I'm not that great at stranded color knitting.  The directions say to go intarsia, but I'm not sure I won't make a big mess.  I'm thinking duplicate stitch with a lighter weight yarn, maybe sport weight on worsted.  Who knows.

Anyway, as I have six month, give or take a week or so, there isn't any reason I can't get these puppies done in time.  We'll see how that goes, lol!
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***SPOILER for new movie***

So, I went into the movie completely cold.  I had not read or watched anything about the movie as I wanted to be a completely blank sheet going in and have these opinion.

It was great entertainment-wise,  and all that, but in many ways it just felt forced.  They forced the Jim/Spock relationship so that at the end Spock was moved to a great show of emotion, which for the Prime universe would have been totally appropriate.  But I felt it was too much in too short a time for that kind of reaction.  I did like how they handled Kahn and could totally believe the events surrounding his character.  I even could accept Bones having the miracle cure since they so kindly showed him tinkering with it in a previous scene. And you know, Bones in any reality is just that brilliant and would have a cure for death readily available.  Still, it all just felt too pat and forced.  I know, I know, these relationships took three seasons to develop in Prime reality and they only had two hours, so I'll give them that... if they take the new cast in an entirely new direction.

Kahn's back in the cryo-freeze, there is no planet Genesis and no Spock's body to go in search of.  The probe from The Voyage Home may still visit Earth in search of humpback whales, but I'm hoping they give us something completely new with the next movie.  And they've maneuvered themselves to do just that.  I mean, I did enjoy this universe's take on Kahn but I'm really hoping for some new seeking out of new life and civilizations and movie plots.

I do highly recommend seeing the movie in 3D.  Fantastic special effects as expected.  And I will see it again in the theaters, because movies of this type deserve to be seen and heard with all the best technology has to offer.
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The move was a success!  I never want to do that again.  It's been 25 years since the last one, and if I have to do it in another 25, it will be too soon!

Nothing got broken and even the piano made the trip unscathed.  My sister, Daughter-Type and her boyfriend helped unpack everything and set up the computer again.  No internet until yesterday, though.  But I was busy enough over the weekend that I really didn't miss it much.  And I have Verizon now instead of Comcast.  With a DVR!!  All this new newfangled technology is blowing my mind.  I have no clue what I need to start recording though.  Everything I watch is either streaming in some way or with dvds.  It's all so very exciting.

It feels strange not dealing with stairs every few hours, but nice.  I can always climb the three flights to get up to my new place instead of using the elevator if I'm feeling nostalgic.  I think I'm the youngest person in the building.  It's a 55 and over place and I won't be 55 until the 18th.  Still, they have a bunch of groups that get together in the evening, one of which knits and crochets.  Next week I think I'll join them.  The drive wasn't too bad this morning.  I leave early enough so I miss all the awful morning rush, and I'm thinking the same will be true for the return trip.

So a major event and everyone has survived with all pieces intact!  A glorious day indeed.
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So, I'm moving soon.  In like ten days.  Everything loose has been boxed up and I'm just waiting.  I hate waiting.  My "entertainment center" has been disassembled and I have no cable tv at the moment.  Which is ok really as I am usually on the computer at home or watching a dvd.  But with the recent blizzard (not! damn ground hog anyway) I was in the mood to just be locked in the house with nothing to do other than watch movies.  Which is a problem because everything is in boxes.  So I rummaged through whatever was on top and came up with Terminator, the Sara Conner Chronicles.  Then today I thought, gee what else is Brian Austin Green in and found this ChromeSkull:  Laid to Rest 2 What did they do.  End Sara Conner and take the whole cast and plunk them down in these movies?  Between the first in the series and this one, just about the whole cast is accounted for.

Anyway, I don't like slasher movies.  But then, I don't like monster movies either but I found Doom when I followed Karl Urban's movies, so keeping an open mind might be a good thing.  Then again, I might never sleep without a night light again.  Oh man.
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Everyone needs to stop what they're doing and immediately start watching this show.  It's probably one of the best kept tv secrets of, well, forever.  It's a quirky show about a 1890's detective in Toronto, so yeah, police who-done-it kind of thing.  The Murdoch character reminds me of Benton Frazer from Due South, I mean like alot!  And there's the beautiful ME who is his love interest.  He has a goofy side-kick and loud boss.  All that is good and provides some comedy and angst.  What I love about the show, besides the actor Yannick Bisson (and just where have they been hiding him!  What incredible eyes, whooo baby!!) is they poke lots of fun at the here and now and tackle lots of hot topic issues we wrestle with today.  Seriously folks, run out and get this show any way you can.  Which leads to a bitch about Netflix.

Netflix, WTF (in caps mind you!!) are you doing with your streaming service?  You dangle a multi-season show in front of us with only two seasons and then make us go snail-mail and get the dvds?  Why bother?  I know, I know.  You want the revenue from both services.  But just let me say here and now, that SUCKS!  So there.

Anyway, go watch the show.  You won't be sorry. 

The Shawl

Dec. 20th, 2012 07:44 am
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Pardon the poor photography.  I'm a knitter, not a shutter bug.
Pics )

This was a fun and fast knit.  I would make it again except I would make it with more lace row repeats.  My daughter is on the petite side, so this worked well.  But for a bigger woman, it needs to be longer, IMO.
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For the crochet-ers amongst us, is a half-double crochet stitch the same as an extended double crochet?
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SWToR is finally getting an expansion!

Good news indeed.


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